Plant Blindness Reflection

  1. Plant Blindness is about humans inability to recognize plants compared to animals for many different reasons. The botanists said that plants didn’t get this appreciation because animals move and act in so many different ways that attract the human eye much more. To me, Plant Blindness is people’s lack of attention to and appreciation of plants due to getting overshadowed by animals due to animals ability to act in so many diverse ways.
  2. Yes. I believe that I had Plant Blindness before I started this class. Animals have always been so interesting to me compared to plants because they are so diverse and can do so many more things than plants that it causes me to focus almost solely on animals. Watching an animal in its environment has always been much more interesting than watching a plant lay stationary.
  3. A cause of Plant Blindness that was described in the paper was #4. It talked about how since plants are mostly nonthreatening to humans, they can ignore them with little to no consequences . It also talked about how humans also scan over plants much faster in order to process the surrounding area easier (Wandersee). This cause is definitely one of the reasons for my Plant Blindness. There is very usually something else that captures my attention when plants are present. Other items in the environment cause me to scan over plants. Plants are really just never the most interesting thing to look at for most people because of their lack of movement.
  4. Yes. This paper is still applicable today. When you look on Netflix, there are shows such as Planet Earth that film a heavy percentage of their shots on animals over plants. The animals offer much more different types of footage to film compared to plants. However, they do a great job on the appreciation of plants in their videos.
  5. I accept that I have plant blindness and many of the people living today do too. However, I do not have the knowledge to compare it to the outlook that the population in 1998 had on Plant Blindness.
  6. Before this class, the only thing that I can vividly remember about plants is learning about pollination between bees and plants. However, I can remember much more about animals and doing projects on different animals when I was younger. We spent much more time talking about animals and my classmates were always more interested to learn about them compared to plants.
  7. This class will hopefully bring me to appreciate plants in a new way that many people do not take the time to do. They are important for the environment, world, humans, and all life so we should know more about them.